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11 TV Characters I Love More Than Anything - Really, I just wanted an excuse for another meme. And every once in a while I list my top 10 hotties, but I did that not too long ago, and then AfterElton had a thing about 'TV characters you wanna marry', so I thought about that, but I realized that really, most of my favourite TV characters I don't necessarily wanna marry, so 'love more than anything' in this case mostly refers to how much affection I feel for them, how much watching them be awesome makes me all warm and fuzzy, how sad it makes me when they're miserable (tho of course there's a huge overlap with hotties and favourite shows etc). It's crazy how much I love these characters. Pictures under the cut!

11 TV Characters I Love More Than Anything )
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Sanctuary - 3x19 - Out of the Blue

First viewing:
OMG AMANDA TAPPING'S HAIR IS SO AMAZING. GUH. *credits roll* Wait, what just happened?

Second viewing:
Spoilers, analysis, why couldn't it have been Ashley?? )
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There are plenty of things that have changed since I was 10 years old, but some stay just the same. This is still the prettiest girl in the world. (In related news, reading AfterEllen's Hot 100 List makes me feel old and outdated...)

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Really, it's mild-ish I think (?), but under a cut for safety.

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Oh, and I had something else on my mind that's been bothering me this last week. Eddie McClintock did an interview promoting season 3 of Warehouse 13 recently and he said three things in it that bothers me.

Is Myka coming back? He says 'they don't tell us these things'. But considering they've been shooting for what, over a month now, doesn't that mean they're well into a 13-ep season by now? So then what, she's definitely not in the first... 5 episodes? That's half a season (that I won't be watching).

Then he goes on to refer to the new guy as 'her replacement'. Which, whatever, just rubs me the wrong way.

But the worst thing of all, he says "I trust the network." Which scares me more than anything. Because I don't trust SyFy with... you know, my half-dead cactus. I don't have a long past with SyFy, but I do know they pretty much ruined Sanctuary. Killing Ashley ruined the one main thing that set that show apart. The mother-daughter relationship made this show infinitely different and special from all the other shows I watched. Then they killed her, and now it's Amanda Tapping being hot and running around in leather, and it's a good fun show, but the heart of it died for me when they killed Ashley and I don't really have an emotional connection to it anymore. And I didn't even like Ashley that much! (Also, wasn't SciFi the network that cancelled Farscape??)

Now, I realized I might be petty and sensitive and over-reacting. I really really never wanted to be that fan that was too emotionally blinded to handle the big picture, but that's where I keep ending up. And isn't that what they want? They want us to be emotionally invested in their shows? What for? So they can screw us over? Damien Kindler was so smug on one of the commentaries, he talked about how he was so glad they killed Ashley because now the characters on the show are actually in real peril, as opposed to just fake peril. And maybe I'm not their target audience, then, because I don't like real peril. There's plenty of real peril in real life, I don't need it from my entertainment, and that means I'm gonna detach emotionally from the show so I don't get hurt again. Ilene Chaiken-level mind-fuckery.

I like peril, both physical and emotional and whatever, I love a well-excecuted dangerous action sequence that makes my heart race, and I love a good emotional torture storyline, but the heart of it I wanna wonder *how* they're gonna get out of stuff, not *if* - and if someone is leaving I wanna know about it well ahead so I have time to prepare. If I'm gonna endure a seriously long hiatus and be excited about the upcoming season, I want some kind of reassurance that it's gonna be worth it. Warehouse 13 had turned into my favourite current show, and Myka is my favourite character. Without her I won't watch the show. Easy as that. And a lot of people just seem completely relaxed and certain that she's coming back. But the fact that that's the cliffhanger they're playing up for the new season is just enough to make me doubt it, and I can't love a show that I don't trust. And now I'm working really hard to distance myself enough that I won't be hurt if she ends up not coming back.

But I also don't want artists to pander to their fans. I swear I don't. I believe in creating art for art's sake! But then it gets tricky, because shows like these are exist because they have fans, and they want fans, and they want their fans to be emotionally invested. *sigh* And I guess I'm just not the right fan for it... which makes me sad, because adventure and sci-fi and whatever are the kinds of shows I like. I guess what I really need to do is just stop watching any shows that are still on the air, and wait until I can read a full synopsis and buy the DVDs.

Frell. I guess at the root of it I'm just over-sensitive. And I guess TPTB is rubbing their hands saying they've succeeded, because controversy is good, and whatever. And I feel a little bit pathetic that I let it get to me like this. *sigh* I'll just be over here, watching Farscape. At least they won't let me down, I know how the series ends.
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So uhm, I realize I haven't been around much for a bit... the thing that happened was, little over a month ago I posted that Hot Lady Meme, which required just a wee bit of image research (such hardship!), and at the time I said this about Claudia Black: "I tried Farscape I swear I did, but... *sigh* However, Vala is made of *win* with her shiny hair decorations and her ditzy yet infinitely more profound than she lets on ways. And Claudia is just lovely." But as I was looking through the pictures I came across some pics of Aeryn and I went 'Damn, that's really a shame I didn't like Farscape, she was really hot in it' and not long thereafter I figured I needed to give it one more chance... so about a week or two later I sat down with the show again and... fastforward to now and I'm in the homestretch of the last half-dozen episodes of season 4. As much as I'm sad I arrived late to this show (What is it with me and arriving late to shows?) I do love how the Age of DVDs allows me to just live and breathe a show and completely immerse oneself into it... sadly, that also means it will be over soon, of course, and I'm gonna have to move on and find something else to occupy my time with.

Now, who watched Farscape? Because I have an issue with the final scene of 4x14 - Twice Shy and I'd love to talk to someone about it.

The show itself is... it will never be my favourite show. Probably not even in the top 5. I will never re-watch the episodes over and over. I will probably re-watch select episodes occasionally, and favourite scenes I'm already running on repeat, but it will never be Xena, or Warehouse 13, or Remington Steele, or a few other show that I can watch over and over and over. I will grow too bored with the action and the enemies and the running. And Crichton... I love Aeryn, and much like Scorpius wants him alive for the knowledge in his brain, I want him alive because she would be sad if he died. I think that's the thing, really, there are too many characters on this show that I like, but I don't love.

However, there are two things Farscape does better than just about any other show I've seen, and that's characterization and continuity. Aeryn Sun has gone straight into my Top 5 (maybe 10? - oh! next meme - Top 10 Favourite TV Characters) favourite characters. The way they portray characters and relationships on this show is something of the awesomest and healthiest I've ever seen. (Not to say there aren't flaws, of course there are flaws, but over-all... - keep in mind I haven't seen the end of the series yet, but I actually have faith in them.) And I would like to point out that *I figured this out myself!*. I was squeeing over the characterization and the continuity *before* I'd seen the interviews where Claudia talks about how that was one of their main objectives with the show; when a character is hurt, they bleed, and when the wound heals, it leaves a scar. And they've really really succeeded in doing that. What other show (other than Xena, because Xena could sometimes get away with that too) continuously keeps storylines alive that go all the way back to the beginning, and alive enough in the viewers head that they pretty much instantly know what they mean by a momentary flash-back to a specific scene, or a quote. Now, plenty of shows *try* to do this, but it generally seems forced and weird, and like 'oh, let's bring back that storyline because we could totally use it' and then they've forgotten again in the next ep.

Which is why the end of 4x14 bothers me. Too easy. (Hopefully they'll deal with it in upcoming eps, though, I still haven't finished the season, so.)

And then on the side, the issue I have with the DVDs is the fact that they *keep giving away bloody spoilers in the commentary*!!! I mean, I guess it's not unreasonable to assume that *most* people have seen the entire show, but gah! I love commentaries. It's my favourite special feature (after bloopers...) and I love to sit down with the commentary immediately after I've seen an episode. And at least twice they've given away *really specific plot-points* in the commentaries. Spoilers for two major season 3 storylines under here. ) And I know, I know, I firmly believe that once something has aired, staying spoiler free is not something you can expect. But seriously guys, on the damn *commentary*.

Did I mention that I really really love Aeryn?
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Icon chosen because Calleigh is so pretty! As for its relation to this post, it's somewhat misleading...

Joanne on CSI: Miami - 9x08 - Happy Birthday - spoilers )

and a couple of screen caps... )
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Anyone else watching Lost Girl? [livejournal.com profile] thedimholt will be happy to hear that I finally got around to watching it. I've seen the first few episodes, and it's shiny! Pretty ladies, cool paranormal stuff, adventure, nice balance between humour and serious, and pretty much Blood Ties all over again, right? I think I even saw Peter Mohan's name in the opening credits. An outcast chick turned reticent private detective with strange friends, reticent police connections and a too-excited goth assistant. Sound familiar? It was driven home in the scene where Kenzie shows Bo (what is it with Americans and weird names? First Magnus, now Bo. Here Bo is a name for old dudes.) her little advertising pamphlet with the 'strange and paranormal'. It is a mirror image of the scene where Vicki discovers Coreen's 'strange and paranormal' ad in the paper...

Of course, the major difference between Lost Girl and Blood Ties is that the "bisexual" in 'bisexual private detective' actually translates to 'will act on sexual attraction to both women and men' as opposed to Blood Ties's 'let's tell the folks on AfterEllen that so they'll watch the show and then never mention it again'... Grrr. Holding a grudge? Who me? Nah... *ahem*

Anyway. Shiny show! Yay! It just better not take the light off Warehouse 13. I've invested emotionally in that show, and I don't want it taken away from me just yet.
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There be some spoilers under the cuts.

Warehouse 13 )

Rizzoli & Isles )

When the summer shows go on hiatus it's so much more painful!! Having to wait through the entire long boring winter... What winter shows I could like have great lesbian subtext?? Gah!
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So this has been around for a couple weeks, and I usually try not to embed-spam my f-list, but I just found it, and OMG IT'IS MADE OF MORE WIN THAN ANYTHING I'VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!!!!!! *squeeeeeee!!!!!* For serious, you guys, I'm smiling like a crazy lady and there are all kinds of warm fuzzy nostalgic feelings and I totes wanna write crossovers. *flail* It makes so much SENSE!

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So of course I've been watching Rizzoli & Isles. Hello Angie Harmon! And Sasha Alexander certainly isn't bad to look at either. That said, I don't really have much to say about it...

I definitely like the chemistry between Rizzoli & Isles, of course. It's really great. That said, I'm not exactly getting subtext-y vibes from them, they're kinda like Cagney & Lacey in season 1 before we got some angsty tension. I like buddies, but I have a hard time shipping buddies. I really do wanna ship them, because they're pretty and smart and get along well, but I haven't found my angle yet. I also like all the bantering that goes on between all the characters, I like the old guy who was her previous partner, and I like the young guy who's her new partner, and I like her brother, and I even like her mother some of the time. I like that it's set in Boston because it feels a little bit like home. I like the music and the general style (it's non-CSI-y, and I like CSI well enough, but it's nice to have something different). And I like that they're having fun with it.

I will say that the crimes are really the least important part for me. That said, I like that it's a crime show, because crime shows tend to go less overboard with the character arcs (I really really can't stand drama in the long run), but I like that they don't spend all that much time on the actual crimes, because I do like character development and showing their lives. The crime is after all only a weekly guest star that one only has 43 minutes to get invested in, so I prefer crime shows that spend significant amounts of time on the characters solving it. Another part of the reason I like that they don't spend all that much time on the crimes is because both in episode 3 and 4 I've pegged the murderer the first time they were on screen. And that doesn't make for all that exciting crime stories. We'll see if that sticks (otherwise they gotta be doing something wrong, seriously).

I'm also not entirely onboard with the questionable ethics that was the solution to episode 4. Yes, let's spoiler )...

Anyway. I'll definitely keep watching for the time being.
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So [livejournal.com profile] thedimholt suggested I give Legend of the Seeker a try, and I'm watching the pilot and while I certainly enjoy the medieval setting and the fighting and the pretty girl and the good and evil and the magic, and all that, I find myself annoyed by the Chosen One trope. (Also; heehee! The Call Knows Where You Live! I've been spending a little too much time over at TVTropes.org laterly...) I'm trying to figure out if this is something that has always annoyed me, or if it's something specific with this show, but I have yet to reach a conclusion to that one. I will say that the concept has always bothered me, that you have a regular person surrounded by strong intelligent people with a purpose: to help The One be mightier than they are when they start out having no particular interest in being The One (of course, they did invoke the And Your Little Dog Too, just to make sure he'd come fight). I *FAR* prefer strong competent intelligent people who fight because of the power of their convictions and that makes them able to beat whatever they're fighting. Meh.

Yes, I know I'm very fond of the Matrix, and they do have a version of this trope, but the side-kicks on that show are less fawning and more ass-kickers who have a little hobby on the side looking for The One.

Basically, LotS makes me wanna watch Xena. (Hey, I recognized that sand dune! I've walked on that sand dune!)
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OMG epiphany!! Heh. I start off by saying how much I prefer writing, and then I completely fail at writing a coherent post.

which is why there's a cut, under here are ramblings about the directing-epiphany I had the other day... references Sanctuary 2x07, but no spoilers, I promise )

Also, Meredith Baxter came out yesterday! OMG! I had *such* a crush on her when I was little. For a good two months when I was around 10, Elyse Keaton was the prettiest woman in the whole wide world. I had friends who were like 'I wanna be cool like Mallory!', or 'Alex is so cute!', and I was all 'My favourite scene was that one with Elyse in the kitchen, because she's the prettiest woman alive!', only I didn't say that out loud. See, again, I had no idea I was gay, but I was vaguely aware of the fact that it was best to keep such opinions to myself. And she's gay. Which makes my inner child just die of *swoon*. And more grown-up me is pissed off that she was forced to come out but also in awe of the graceful way she handled it. Go Meredith!
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The Seven Wonders of Helen Magnus of Sanctuary

Read about them under here! )


And I wanted ask if there are any SG-1 / Samantha Carter / Amanda Tapping fans on my f-list? Because I've never really done the Stargate thing, and I'm not quite ready to sit down and watch Carter's 230 TV/movie appearances, so can anyone point me in the direction of good interesting significant Sam Carter-centric episodes of Stargate?
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Some random comments on what I've been watching lately - no spoilers!

OMG Amanda Tapping. Space shows are generally not my thing, and neither are blondes with short hair, so I never really got into SG-1, but now that she has the long dark hair and a weird British accent and cool research facilities? OMG. Yum. And she's a 157 years old, and there are mysterious abnormal beings and ancient orders and cool weapons and a lot of fighting. This show is absolutely awesome. Especially since Blood Ties is cancelled, I've been wanting something a bit paranormal and full of adventure. Definitely a keeper.

I've so far only watched the pilot, but I've heard it gets better. Nathan Fillion is always hilarious, and his relationship with his family is a lot of fun. Kate Beckett was a little annoying in the pilot, too easily flustered for a cop. But I've heard that it gets better, so I plan to give it a few more chances.

Modern Family
To be honest I'm not entirely sure why I'm watching this. It's not *that* funny, although it's pretty funny, and there's no-one on the cast that I'm particularly watching it for (although that blonde mom is kinda cute). It'll be one of the first to go if I suddenly get less time than I've had these last few weeks, but it's nice having a half-hour funny show next to all the mystieries/crime dramas.

Flight 29 Down
I accidentally watched a few episodes several years ago, and kinda like them, so when I came across the DVDs on sale I bought them. And it's a sweet sweet show. Kiddie Lost, basically, and they're being kids and learning lessons about life and responsibility and friendship and it's so very educational (yet slightly off-base with the actual nitty gritty of survival fairly often) and it's got palm trees and warm beaches, and it's comfort watching. The best kind.

Crocodile Dundee
I still have a crush on Linda Kozlowski. Why hasn't she worked since then? (Well, there was that one horror movie, but I hate horror movies. *pout*)

Stargate Universe
Not much to say about the last episode (1x03), except that 'Oooh, was that Anna Galvin again, as the senator's wife???'. It sure looks like her! She's very pretty. I'd like to see her in a more prominent role somewhere.

Not a show I've ever watched before, but I'll be watching this Sunday because Christina Cox is guest starring!!! A pretty significant role, if the promo is to be believed. And she looks awesomely kick-ass as well! Yay!! (But why have they flipped that shot in the promo of her shooting? I don't see how that makes any difference...)
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