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Just a round-up of the other 3 little ficlets I wrote for the Green Beer & Kisses: The [Totally Not] Annual [livejournal.com profile] femslash_today Porn Battle., but short enough that they're posted over there in the comments. I just like to have everything here as well. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sakuracorr for beta!

All of them rated MATURE/EXPLICIT.


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There be some spoilers under the cuts.

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When the summer shows go on hiatus it's so much more painful!! Having to wait through the entire long boring winter... What winter shows I could like have great lesbian subtext?? Gah!
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So this has been around for a couple weeks, and I usually try not to embed-spam my f-list, but I just found it, and OMG IT'IS MADE OF MORE WIN THAN ANYTHING I'VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!!!!!! *squeeeeeee!!!!!* For serious, you guys, I'm smiling like a crazy lady and there are all kinds of warm fuzzy nostalgic feelings and I totes wanna write crossovers. *flail* It makes so much SENSE!

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So of course I've been watching Rizzoli & Isles. Hello Angie Harmon! And Sasha Alexander certainly isn't bad to look at either. That said, I don't really have much to say about it...

I definitely like the chemistry between Rizzoli & Isles, of course. It's really great. That said, I'm not exactly getting subtext-y vibes from them, they're kinda like Cagney & Lacey in season 1 before we got some angsty tension. I like buddies, but I have a hard time shipping buddies. I really do wanna ship them, because they're pretty and smart and get along well, but I haven't found my angle yet. I also like all the bantering that goes on between all the characters, I like the old guy who was her previous partner, and I like the young guy who's her new partner, and I like her brother, and I even like her mother some of the time. I like that it's set in Boston because it feels a little bit like home. I like the music and the general style (it's non-CSI-y, and I like CSI well enough, but it's nice to have something different). And I like that they're having fun with it.

I will say that the crimes are really the least important part for me. That said, I like that it's a crime show, because crime shows tend to go less overboard with the character arcs (I really really can't stand drama in the long run), but I like that they don't spend all that much time on the actual crimes, because I do like character development and showing their lives. The crime is after all only a weekly guest star that one only has 43 minutes to get invested in, so I prefer crime shows that spend significant amounts of time on the characters solving it. Another part of the reason I like that they don't spend all that much time on the crimes is because both in episode 3 and 4 I've pegged the murderer the first time they were on screen. And that doesn't make for all that exciting crime stories. We'll see if that sticks (otherwise they gotta be doing something wrong, seriously).

I'm also not entirely onboard with the questionable ethics that was the solution to episode 4. Yes, let's spoiler )...

Anyway. I'll definitely keep watching for the time being.
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