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So uhm... you know, playing gay or not is not the be-all end-all of actress crushes, but sue me for liking it when my crushes do! :P Awesomely enough, most of my actress crushes have played a lesbian or two over their careers, but the closest I've seen Joanne come so far was Bianca the omnisexual vampire on The Dresden Files (which is of course completely awesome!) but she's still mostly getting it on with Dresden. (Has anyone seen Going the Distance? There's a brief moment in the trailer where she's holding another girl's hand in a vaguely gay way. :P Why yes, I wear slash goggles? I'm pretty sure I've had lasik surgery to permanently imprint them on my lenses.)

Which brings us to Diamonds, a little miniseries about the diamond trade from a bunch of different interconnected viewpoints, wherein Joanne plays Stephanie Dresser, a geologist who specializes in looking for diamonds in the Congo. Now, there's absolutely no conclusive evidence that Steph is gay, but the circumstantial evidence is piling up real thick. I couldn't resist making a pic!spam out of it.

Stephanie Dresser ♥ Sarah Cameron a whole lot! Pics and quotes! (Uhm, and spoilers.) )
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So I'm watching Raising Helen, and there's a scene where Helen tells her recently orphaned niece that she can help her learn to tie her shoes just like Mommy was teaching her, because they probably learned the same way.

Which caused me and my sister to immediately compare, and there's not a single similarity. So we consulted our parents, and quickly realized that in one family we have 4 significantly different ways of tying our shoes. I start with the right bunny ear, go around counter-clock-wise, and use my thumbs a lot. My sister starts with the right bunny ear, goes around clock-wise, and pulls it through using mainly her index fingers. My mother starts with the left bunny-ear and goes counter-clock-wise, and my dad makes two bunny ears, and then pushes the left one beneath the right one.

So now I ask all of you:

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Now, I'm a fan of paying attention to details. And one of the things I started looking at is what wrist one wears a watch on, and now it's just one of those things I notice. What I've also noticed is that twice in a short time, two crime shows has used certain circumstantial evidence to determine if a person is right- or left-handed. CSI: Miami (the episode was older, but I first saw it recently) got an arrest-warrant for a woman based on the correlation between the knife-wounds having been made by a left-handed person, and her wearing her watch on the right arm. SVU just off the cuff deemed an apparent suicide to be murder based on the victim holding the gun in his right hand, but his cell-phone was clipped onto his belt on the left side, therefore he couldn't have done it himself.

However, having paid attention to this, I've come to the conclusion that there is no conclusive pattern. And I know cop shows make fantastical leaps in logic all the time, but this being something I have paid attention to, it annoys me. (And considering how often I can pick at things that I do know about or pay attention to, I can only imagine what goes on with the stuff I'm not familiar with...)

I'm right-handed, and I've always worn my cell phone on my left side. I wear my watch on my left arm, as do the majority of left-handed people I know. Crime shows, these things are not conclusive. I have a friend who writes with her right and uses the knife with her left. I have another friend who writes with his left, but does everything else, including shoot and cut, with his right. Crime shows, stop acting like you've discovered some great way do discern how people do stuff based on their watch or their cell phone.

And if we look to Hollywood, sure, there are a bunch of left-handed people who wear their watches on the right, Christina Cox, Angie Harmon, Jason Bateman. But there's also a bunch of left-handed people who still wear their watches on the left, Cameron Daddo, Angelina Jolie, Stephanie Zimbalist, Tina Fey, CSI: Miami's own Jonathan Togo. And also, there are right-handed actors who still wear their watches on the right, SVU's own Stephanie March, Teri Hatcher (or at least she used to, she seems to have switched around 2003), Lane Smith, Robert Patrick, Françoise Yip (not confirmed, but I think I have glimpsed her there in the background both with the watch and writing). Not conclusive, crime shows!

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Quote of the Day:

"I don't understand it either. She and I share that. There are a lot of things that she and I don't understand."

~Tina Fey in response to a reporter asking for a comment on Sarah Palin saying she didn't understand why Tina Fey was named Entertainer of the Year. It takes just a moment, and then it's *brilliant*. Definitely a put-down, but you can't call her on it because she's self-deprecating at the same time. Gosh, I love Tina.

And a poll! A Very Important Poll:

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In light of my recent new and exciting Blood Ties obsession (that I've written this long entry about, but it was on a piece of paper while I was bored at work, and then I haven't had time to type it out yet) I wanted to make a shirt to mark the occasion. But I can't make up my mind about the teeth. Keep them, or no? (Also, I recently renewed my paid LJ account, and felt I wanted to take advantage of some of the benefits.)

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From the Absolut.com's The 100 Absolutes, that I really only went to because Ellen's in two categories; Absolute Comedian, and Absolute Gay Icon. Go vote for Ellen!

What's the absolute ego booster?

1: Have you lost weight? 22%
2: A standing ovation. 22%
3: An honest smile from a stranger. 50%
4: Kisses from one's dog. 6%

Now, what I wanna know is how many of the people who've taken this poll have ever been on the receiving end of a standing ovation. I'm not saying everyone has to be like me, but the fleeting pleasure of a stranger's smile compared to the amazing spine-chilling adrenaline-high from a standing ovation (which I've been lucky enough to be on the receiving end of several times in the last year) is such a drop in the ocean... or is it just me? Have I never been honestly smiled upon by a stranger?
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