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From Health Canada's page on Genetic Engineering, glossary:

"Genetically Modified: An organism, such as a plant, animal or bacterium, is considered genetically modified if its genetic material has been altered through any method, including conventional breeding. A "GMO" is a genetically modified organism."

(It should be noted that for example Wikipedia has a very different definition of "GMO", which specifies that 'genetic engineering' has to have been used and does not include "conventional breeding".)

Now, I'm assuming (hoping!) that Health Canada is trying to be easily accessible and easy to understand or whatever, but this is just dumb. "If its genetic material has been altered through any method." Bah. I'd like someone to show me ANYTHING that they can prove is not a "GMO" according to their definition. Every single living organism on this planet has had its genetic material altered! If we hadn't, we would all be identical single-cell DNA-strands on the bottom of the ocean!

So let's assume that maybe they mean 'altered by humans through any method' - but it's still dumb! It would include basically every crop, vegetable, fruit, and livestock EVER, except whatever people eat who still live as hunter/gatherers - and you bet whatever they eat has been genetically altered too, just not by humans, but by other animals, plants, fungi, bacteria, viruses, whatever.

These are the basics: DNA is the same in all living organisms. It consists of 4 different bases, that combine A-T, C-G, which can be reorganized in any which order. But it will never be anything else than those 4 bases, regardless of whether humans or Nature does the reorganizing. Sure, we can genetically engineer all kinds of toxins and scary stuff. But so can Nature! What about that little super-poisonous frog? Or the botulinum bacteria for that matter, which produces the toxin they use to make botox - 1kg of the toxin is enough to kill the entire human population on earth.

Genetic engineering is one thing. Genetic altering is another, but similar in many ways, and happens all the time. Regardless of which is it, it's not automatically dangerous. Get your facts straight, internets. We don't need to be perpetuating non-scientific stuff like this and unnecessarily scare people. *sigh*
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Have YOU nominated your Favourite Female TV Characters for AfterEllen's Top 50 Favourite Female TV Characters list? Here are my picks (So hard! So painful! So many awesome ladies who didn't make it!):

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Is AfterEllen hacked or is there something else going on or is it my computer?!? Because I'm getting re-routed to this address whenever I try to access the site:


and that just sounds plain weird... does AE think I'm a troll??

ETA: *whew* From AE's twitter: "We're experiencing some technical difficulties. If you're getting an "access denied" message, don't worry! We'll be up and running soon!"
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Aahahaha!! Where more exactly is this place, and how do I get there??

Chinese media finger Swedish lesbian enclave - Mythical city of Sapphic luuuurv
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My teeth have moved over night. Like, actually moved. I woke up this morning, and my upper and lower jaw teeth were no longer aligned, and I can't bite down properly. It's terribly disturbing. Doesn't hurt, or anything, it just doesn't fit at all. When I bite down my teeth touch in two places, the very front (where the upper front teeth feel like they're too far back, and therefore the lower front teeth doesn't fit behind them), and the third molar on the right on, just two of the tips brushing, where I'm pretty sure they didn't use to. Yesterday I could grind my teeth, if I felt the urge. I kinda wanna blame the fact that I flossed last night, something I'm really terrible at and usually forget, but last night I did, and now my teeth have moved. Suggestions, anyone? I hate having to go to the dentist, it's expensive, and they never do anything anyway.

Quote of the Day:
Lindsay: "[Bla bla bla murder]"
FBI dude: "You sound like you're reading from a phone book."
Lindsay: "You want an interpretive dance?"
~Lindsay Boxer - Women's Murder Club - 1x10 - FBI Guy

Bwahaha!! (partly at the title of the episode, partly at the quote.)

Other than that, the latest episode mostly made me sad.

Teeny tiny spoilers... )

Then I read Tammy Lynn Etheridge's post about the rules of nature, and got even sadder. She has a way with words, that one.

However, then I saw the Best. L Word. Picture. Ever. It's from the party on Sunday, and it's the Best. Ever. Srsly.
Click here to see it. Really. Click! )
And then head over to Queerty (where I found this one!), AfterEllen, or DorothySurrenders to see some more!
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But these are too awesome not to post!

TO: the striking TV writers
FROM: the lesbian vloggers of AfterEllen.com

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Seriously, the universe is smiling at you. Yes, you. Go look! Now!

CuteOverload: smile flock
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I found this on my flist today, and indeed, it's fun enough, educational, and it gives rice to a hungry person (their words, not mine).

Free Rice!
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Not only did Siege manage to include pics of just about all my favourite TV ladies, she also makes a really really good point. Go read what she has to say!

"But this list is missing something aside from sheer numbers. It's missing real women. It's missing women with real jobs, engaged in real lives, struggling with real-life situations. It's missing women faced with choices we can empathize with."

Give us more real women on TV
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The only thing to combat the heat outside, is more hotness... and blame the humidity for any pathetic jokes...

I just wanna give a shout-out to AfterEllen's Hot 100-list! Never has a list been so filled with hotness... mmmm.

lengthy commentary on the lovely ladies - best read while following along the LIST to see the gorgeous PICS! )

In Conclusion: OMG there are so many pretty women out there. Now, why aren't there any pretty lesbians where I live?
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Reasons the evening is so nice:

1 - Pleasantly fuzzy around the edges from wine with dinner and over-tiredness and the knowledge of having absolutely nothing but ice cream and Ellen on my schedule tomorrow.

2 - Watching Prime on DVD, Meryl Streep and Uma Thurman are fantastic. A few ending spoilers for the movie. )

3 - Greeting me at the top of my flist is a gorgeous picture of Tina Fey and Stephanie March, from AfterEllen's Best. Lesbian-ish. Day. Ever. blog, along with the news that 30 Rock has been renewed for the rest of the season! Yay!

4 - A bit further down, also from the Lesbian-ish. Day. there's a Moomin (Mumin! It's spelled Mumin!) reference, and the comments inform me that Tove Jansson was a lesbian. How did I not know that??

5 - And again, from the Lesbian-ish. Day. The news of a new sitcom with Allison Janney, along with a casually inserted video of Allison and Ellen on Ellen, competing to high heavens. Wheee!

Moral of the Story:

Getting [livejournal.com profile] lesbianishday right into my f-list is so awesome!! Go friend it! That, and Uma Thurman and Meryl Streep are fantastic.
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Just came home from my brief little moment on TV this morning to find that AfterEllen.com has a great new article about Lucy Lawless! Yay!!

We Love Lucy by Shauna Swartz
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Link of the Day:

Some of you are aware of how I've been ranting about the frightening incompetence among many teachers, and teachers-to-be. (Not all. Absolutely not all, I've met some amazing people, too.) If you haven't been exposed to these rants, well, good for you, but let me tell you, I've met far too many people who make me despair for the future of the world and seriously plan to home-school my potential future children. However, while this article says nothing of academic competence, if I have children, and decide to send them to school:

I really hope I can find a school like this for them.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Now, I know this place has been there since 2002 (I've been there before), and not really updated since then, either. So you might already have been there, too. But if you haven't, you should, because it's hilarious. It features photographic, and other, evidence (from 2002) of Elijah Wood being Very Very Gay. And of course my personal favourite (that I *hadn't* read before), the LotR badfic/Mary Sue mockeries. Read them and be amused.
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The Purpose of the Female Orgasm

Quite an interesting read. I don't know that it proves anything, considering that it's mainly based on a single study in which 86 couples participated (and I've taken lots of both Psychology and Theory of Knowledge to know that that's no grounds for anything but interesting speculation), but it is indeed interesting speculation. Apparently women are more likely to have an orgasm with a man who's bilaterally symmetrical (i.e. good looking), love has nothing to do with it, and the female sexual response is just as designed for sampling multiple partners and finding good genes as the male. Read it and be amused or intrigued or whatever. Parts of it sound almost like taken from fanfic.

and then on we go to...

Quote of the Day:

Brian: No-one wanted 'Bohemian Rhapsody' as a single, really... no-one would *play* it, because it was too long, and all that stuff.
Roger: Nobody except us wanted it...
Freddie: But this is not to say that we're always right, because we're not always right
Roger: Oh, we're not always right, we've been wrong...
John: Yeah, once... maybe.

~A Night At The Opera 30th Anniversary DVD.

I knew there was a reason I liked John...
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