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Title: small respite
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fallon_ash
Pairing: Jaime Murray/Lena Headey
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 950
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I don't know them, this is in no way a commentary on who they are as real people (other than the fact that they'd look so hot together).
Summary: "Jaime wants to kiss that grin off her face. She’s only had the alcohol in her body for 20 seconds, so she knows that logically she can’t blame it (yet), but there’s something about standing in the chilly mist with a smug (gorgeous) woman, after a night like tonight."
Author's note: To [livejournal.com profile] sakuracorr for her birthday! Happy Birthday! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lovesthesoundof for looking it over!


small respite )

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Title: Blood Magic
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fallon_ash
Fandom: The Dresden Files (TV show) / Valentine
Pairing: Bianca St. Claire / Grace Valentine (Aphrodite)
Rating: Mature
Word Count: 1557
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: "There are two bullet holes in her chest sluggishly leaking dark blood, and the remnants of a broken mirror behind her, and there is no way she would be getting up right now if she were mortal."
Inspiration: Dresden: "You sound like a 30s gangster's moll." Bianca: "I was a 30s gangster's moll." - The Dresden Files 1x05 Bad Blood
Author's Note: The vampire mythology is taken best I could from the TV show, and then filled in with random details I've stolen from other vamp myths – therefore quite inconsistent with the novels; I haven't read them and it seemed too daunting a task to get it right just from reading summaries online. Might as well create my own.


Blood Magic )

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Quote of the Day (or you know, yesterday):

"She is like everything I’m not: Jamie[sic] Murray, you complete me! [Laughing.] She goes down as one of my top three colleagues ever. Renee being the other, and I’m not going to say who the other was."

"Honestly, if I was going to be gay, that’s who I’d marry: Jamie[sic] Murray."

~Lucy Lawless in yesterday's interview with AfterEllen. Those are the highlights, but the whole thing is pretty awesome.

I'm soooo setting myself up to be massively disappointed by Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. My expectations are completely out of control. But I almost don't care. This is much too exciting. Lucy! and Jaime! and Lucy! and and and! And it tickles my little shippy heart that they seem to adore each other off screen as well... *awww* And even if TBTP does *everything* wrong with the characters, at least they'll be gorgeous while it's happening...

...which is proved over and over by the bunch of random screen caps from the promos under here. )
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I'm studying for my Evolution 301 final, and I meant to make a ranting post about how people who deny science and evolution frighten me more than... pretty much anything else. There are a great many things in the worl that disturb, distress, sadden, anger, shock me, etc etc etc, but there are few things that outright frighten me the way powerful people who deny the things that I trust to be the foundation of all life on this planet do. And the fact that I know of no comprehensive way to argue for it, the fact that any argument I make can be met with the same and just a switch of the words, that I'm sure they feel exactly the same way about me, that's the most frightening part of all. That if you can have it presented to you, proof by proof, and still not understand it to be (relative*) truth, that that makes me paralyzingly frightened for the future of the human race.

*Futuyma Evolution 2nd ed. p. 13-14, Ethics, Religion, and Evolution and Evolution as Fact and Theory

Disclaimer: I'm a Christian. A very liberal Christian, but a Christian just the same. So is my mother, who is a research biologist. I see no conflict of interest.

However, the thinking scientific feminist part of my brain was railroaded by this video and the primal part of my brain took over and is flailing incoherently at its hawtness.

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So uhm. I'm not big on talking to celebs on twitter. It's kinda like that thing Tina Fey said about running into Meryl Streep in the bathroom at some awards show, she smiled and nodded but didn't say anything because who is she to tell Meryl Streep that she's amazing? And a lot of people are saying really creepy things to celebs on twitter. So generally I try to avoid it. However, I'm also big on consumer responsibility, meaning that if you like it, it's not wrong to make it heard that you like it, especially considering some of the things they've said in the podcast regarding Myka/HG (*not* the things Drew has said. Drew has said awesome things!). Which is how the following came about. HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!?

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Gah! For all that I adore Pete Eddie McClintock, and ya'll know about that crush I have on Jaime Murray, there are so many things wrong with this picture it makes my teeth hurt!! (OH! I should say, this is SO NOT a W13 spoiler, it's from a little webseries called Suite 7!)

And it's not that, you know, I totally respect them as actors!! I mean, I do, but that sounds so lame to say, and I love reading their tweets about how much fun they had doing this, I even think the BtS pics are adorable, it's just that seeing them together is kinda like seeing Hope/Ares in that Xena episode and it makes your teeth hurt it's so *wrong*? Because even if it's Hope and not Gabrielle it still *looks* like Gabrielle and Gabrielle/Ares is just... NO. (I would like to point out that Myka is of course Xena in this comparison, but I'm totally having HG be Ares and Pete be Gab. And uhm, I of course ship Xe/Gab and not Xe/Ares, but Ares has that villaneous character going, like HG, and uhm, I can kinda see why people would ship them, even if Xe/Gab is my OTP!4eva, and I don't want Pete/Myka to ever be anything but BFFs because Myka/HG 4EVA!, so the comparison is a little bit convoluted, but you get my point, yes?) For the first time in a long time I have what can possibly be considered an in-show OTP that's actually moderately backed by the show and then (in a 'yeah, it's never happening, but we're not going out of our way to make them hook up with guys at the same time and it's definitely canon that they *like* each other, regardless of the nature of that like')... then this! Gah!

And I guess you're saying 'You're such a hypocrite! You were so excited about Jaime and Lucy Lawless! How is this different?'. And you know. Uhm. Yes. Of course I will always be more lenient if the kissing involves women-only, but also, Lucy Lawless isn't playing Myka's partner! And Jaime looks nothing like HG on Spartacus. (But you're right. I feel kinda bad about the fact that this disturbs me. Because I like them! I like them a lot! Just not together... *facepalm*)
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Ok. That time again. New obsession post. At first I sort of held back a little because, you know, it wasn't really an obsession, it was just that I kinda liked them, and it was really just the one show, and... suddenly I found myself watching obscure episodes of shows I don't actually like for split-second glimpses of them when they were young(er) and being too busy tracking down 10-year-old articles to update LJ. You know how it goes.

Joanne Kelly. Jaime Murray. Joanne has these dark brown thick *curls* and really cool blue/gray/brown eyes and shoots rifles and watches nothing but sports (preferably hockey) on TV and *swoon*. (The sport-watching is not something I would ever do, but is a trait I approve of in a lady actress.) Jaime (yes, it's spelled like that because she's named for the Bionic Woman. The BIONIC WOMAN.) has long thick black hair and amazing dark eyes and an awesome British accent and a bit of a vicious sense of twitter-humor and *swoon*. It was mostly their hair that made me fall for them, though. Long. Dark. Glorious. On any given day I'll be a little bit more into one than the other, and it switches at the drop of a hat. They're both born in the late 70s, which makes them 10 years younger than my usual crushes (but gives me hope that one day I will fall for someone my own age in RL).

To make everything even better, they're on Warehouse 13 together, with subtext like I haven't seen since Xena. (I had the W13 vs. R&I discussion a way back.) They play characters who are really really cool, and who pass that Bechdel test as well. Now, as for HG's investment in Myka, I will admit to selective interpretation - BUT, selective interpretation means it's *there* and it's not the way it usually is where you have to wear slash goggles and man-blinders in order to conjure up the remote possibility that the women are even aware of each other.

Other things they've done include Jaime's fantastic show Hustle which is objectively brilliant in all kinds of ways. Joanne has done the Jack Hunter miniseries, which *I* like, because it has gorgeous vistas and cool artifacts and reminds me of Relic Hunter, and she also played an insanely sexy vampire on The Dresden Files and the most adorable little actress on Slings and Arrows. And Most Awesome of All Things Awesome - Jaime will play Lucy Lawless's bosom buddy on the upcoming season of Spartacus, which is a fandom-collision that's up there with Lucy on The X-Files and Marlee on The L Word.

Today is a Myka day. I just watched 1x09 - Regrets and so much angsty!Myka and so many pretty closeups and and and... MYKA!

Friday was a Jaime day. (Yesterday never happened.) Jaime had these... interesting moments in some of the Hustle interviews where I have to admit that while she is a fantastic actress, I was worried that her personality wouldn't quite meet my high expectations of awesomeness (I've had a good trend lately, Christina with the sarcasm, Amanda with the hilarious, Chely with the gay and articulate, and Joanne has proven her dorky awesomeness in interviews with Eddie: "This dude is gonna lose his mind and kill us all!"); case in point, a lot of moments LIKE THIS, Adrian making some intricate character point, Jaime in the background absentmindedly chewing on a thumbnail and staring off into the sky... But then on Friday Julie Benz signed Jaime up for twitter which gave us all these fantastic awesome slightly vicious 140-character banter. *SWOON*

A few awesome twitter exchanges under here!! )

And some pictures of the lovely ladies under here! )

...and a couple of YouTube clips for good measure! )
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Between this darn cold I have and this outfit on Jaime Murray in the latest episode of Hustle I watched I haven't gotten much done today. I think I blame the tie more than the cold. *drool* (In completely unrelated news, I bought the DVDs shortly after seeing this scene... *ahem*)

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