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Title: Everybody Wins, Everybody Loses
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fallon_ash
Fandom: Hustle, set in the early seasons
Pairing: Danny/Stacie/Mickey
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 1195
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: “Oh shut up, both of you!” she finally screeches, and they stop, more from confusion than respect. “One game, one prize. Winner gets to screw me, loser gets to watch .”
Author's Note: Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lovesthesoundof and [livejournal.com profile] sakuracorr for looking it over!


Everybody Wins, Everybody Loses )

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posted by [personal profile] fallon_ash at 01:42am on 22/11/2010 under , , ,
Ok. That time again. New obsession post. At first I sort of held back a little because, you know, it wasn't really an obsession, it was just that I kinda liked them, and it was really just the one show, and... suddenly I found myself watching obscure episodes of shows I don't actually like for split-second glimpses of them when they were young(er) and being too busy tracking down 10-year-old articles to update LJ. You know how it goes.

Joanne Kelly. Jaime Murray. Joanne has these dark brown thick *curls* and really cool blue/gray/brown eyes and shoots rifles and watches nothing but sports (preferably hockey) on TV and *swoon*. (The sport-watching is not something I would ever do, but is a trait I approve of in a lady actress.) Jaime (yes, it's spelled like that because she's named for the Bionic Woman. The BIONIC WOMAN.) has long thick black hair and amazing dark eyes and an awesome British accent and a bit of a vicious sense of twitter-humor and *swoon*. It was mostly their hair that made me fall for them, though. Long. Dark. Glorious. On any given day I'll be a little bit more into one than the other, and it switches at the drop of a hat. They're both born in the late 70s, which makes them 10 years younger than my usual crushes (but gives me hope that one day I will fall for someone my own age in RL).

To make everything even better, they're on Warehouse 13 together, with subtext like I haven't seen since Xena. (I had the W13 vs. R&I discussion a way back.) They play characters who are really really cool, and who pass that Bechdel test as well. Now, as for HG's investment in Myka, I will admit to selective interpretation - BUT, selective interpretation means it's *there* and it's not the way it usually is where you have to wear slash goggles and man-blinders in order to conjure up the remote possibility that the women are even aware of each other.

Other things they've done include Jaime's fantastic show Hustle which is objectively brilliant in all kinds of ways. Joanne has done the Jack Hunter miniseries, which *I* like, because it has gorgeous vistas and cool artifacts and reminds me of Relic Hunter, and she also played an insanely sexy vampire on The Dresden Files and the most adorable little actress on Slings and Arrows. And Most Awesome of All Things Awesome - Jaime will play Lucy Lawless's bosom buddy on the upcoming season of Spartacus, which is a fandom-collision that's up there with Lucy on The X-Files and Marlee on The L Word.

Today is a Myka day. I just watched 1x09 - Regrets and so much angsty!Myka and so many pretty closeups and and and... MYKA!

Friday was a Jaime day. (Yesterday never happened.) Jaime had these... interesting moments in some of the Hustle interviews where I have to admit that while she is a fantastic actress, I was worried that her personality wouldn't quite meet my high expectations of awesomeness (I've had a good trend lately, Christina with the sarcasm, Amanda with the hilarious, Chely with the gay and articulate, and Joanne has proven her dorky awesomeness in interviews with Eddie: "This dude is gonna lose his mind and kill us all!"); case in point, a lot of moments LIKE THIS, Adrian making some intricate character point, Jaime in the background absentmindedly chewing on a thumbnail and staring off into the sky... But then on Friday Julie Benz signed Jaime up for twitter which gave us all these fantastic awesome slightly vicious 140-character banter. *SWOON*

A few awesome twitter exchanges under here!! )

And some pictures of the lovely ladies under here! )

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posted by [personal profile] fallon_ash at 06:50pm on 28/10/2010 under , ,
So I was listening to this interview this morning: Demon FM Meets Amanda Tapping, and towards the end of the interview she mentions that she's gonna be in the UK in February, and I thought 'oh cool, she's coming to Europe', and then I realized that 'OMG THAT'S AMANDA-CON AND I'M GONNA BE THERE!!!!'. Dude. I'm gonna meet Amanda in February. *squeeee!!!*

In vaguely related news, I've spent the day reading about trophic cascades. Now, in ecology a trophic cascade is when  change in one trophic level causes significant changes on other trophic levels more than one level away (adding cats to your yard will give you less weeds - more cats eat more birds, fewer birds eat fewer snails, more snails eat more weeds). However, whenever I see it written out I have a little happy moment where I think about some of my favourite Stargate episodes, the alternate reality eps, and the danger of entropic cascade failure - failure to exist in an alternate universe where another you also exists. (Of course, entropy is something different from trophic levels, but still.) And I keep wondering if I should explain to my prof why I always smile when she brings up the trophic cascades...

I had an awesome dream last night, where I was the newest member of the Hustle crew. They were planning a con that somehow involved the Norwegian prime minister (who was a woman and completely unrelated to the actual Norwegian prime minister) and large tapestries depicting historical battles. I was... not really contributing, and they kept sending me on silly assignments to prove I could be a successful grifter, but I spent most of my time trying to figure out any possible scenario that would lead to me getting to hook up with Stacie. I was doing pretty well, too... since I was new in town I got to stay at her place, on a fold-out bed in her bedroom no less, and she seemed happy to have me there, but then I woke up. Sadness.
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posted by [personal profile] fallon_ash at 07:11pm on 25/10/2010 under ,
Between this darn cold I have and this outfit on Jaime Murray in the latest episode of Hustle I watched I haven't gotten much done today. I think I blame the tie more than the cold. *drool* (In completely unrelated news, I bought the DVDs shortly after seeing this scene... *ahem*)

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