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11 TV Characters I Love More Than Anything - Really, I just wanted an excuse for another meme. And every once in a while I list my top 10 hotties, but I did that not too long ago, and then AfterElton had a thing about 'TV characters you wanna marry', so I thought about that, but I realized that really, most of my favourite TV characters I don't necessarily wanna marry, so 'love more than anything' in this case mostly refers to how much affection I feel for them, how much watching them be awesome makes me all warm and fuzzy, how sad it makes me when they're miserable (tho of course there's a huge overlap with hotties and favourite shows etc). It's crazy how much I love these characters. Pictures under the cut!

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This started out from 'Hey, wait a minute, didn't Claudia Black say she was gluten intolerant? Why is Vala eating waffles??' (Not that there aren't gluten-free waffles. There are plenty. But being gluten intolerant myself I generally find it to be both an unnecessary bother and an unnecessary expense to find the 'substitute gluten-free' items so I tend to stick with regular food items that just don't contain gluten in the first place. WAY easier.)

However, uhm... it turned into Vala + Aeryn + random food!pr0n instead. Hey, don't judge. Eating is sexy! (Just me? Uhm...)

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So uhm, I realize I haven't been around much for a bit... the thing that happened was, little over a month ago I posted that Hot Lady Meme, which required just a wee bit of image research (such hardship!), and at the time I said this about Claudia Black: "I tried Farscape I swear I did, but... *sigh* However, Vala is made of *win* with her shiny hair decorations and her ditzy yet infinitely more profound than she lets on ways. And Claudia is just lovely." But as I was looking through the pictures I came across some pics of Aeryn and I went 'Damn, that's really a shame I didn't like Farscape, she was really hot in it' and not long thereafter I figured I needed to give it one more chance... so about a week or two later I sat down with the show again and... fastforward to now and I'm in the homestretch of the last half-dozen episodes of season 4. As much as I'm sad I arrived late to this show (What is it with me and arriving late to shows?) I do love how the Age of DVDs allows me to just live and breathe a show and completely immerse oneself into it... sadly, that also means it will be over soon, of course, and I'm gonna have to move on and find something else to occupy my time with.

Now, who watched Farscape? Because I have an issue with the final scene of 4x14 - Twice Shy and I'd love to talk to someone about it.

The show itself is... it will never be my favourite show. Probably not even in the top 5. I will never re-watch the episodes over and over. I will probably re-watch select episodes occasionally, and favourite scenes I'm already running on repeat, but it will never be Xena, or Warehouse 13, or Remington Steele, or a few other show that I can watch over and over and over. I will grow too bored with the action and the enemies and the running. And Crichton... I love Aeryn, and much like Scorpius wants him alive for the knowledge in his brain, I want him alive because she would be sad if he died. I think that's the thing, really, there are too many characters on this show that I like, but I don't love.

However, there are two things Farscape does better than just about any other show I've seen, and that's characterization and continuity. Aeryn Sun has gone straight into my Top 5 (maybe 10? - oh! next meme - Top 10 Favourite TV Characters) favourite characters. The way they portray characters and relationships on this show is something of the awesomest and healthiest I've ever seen. (Not to say there aren't flaws, of course there are flaws, but over-all... - keep in mind I haven't seen the end of the series yet, but I actually have faith in them.) And I would like to point out that *I figured this out myself!*. I was squeeing over the characterization and the continuity *before* I'd seen the interviews where Claudia talks about how that was one of their main objectives with the show; when a character is hurt, they bleed, and when the wound heals, it leaves a scar. And they've really really succeeded in doing that. What other show (other than Xena, because Xena could sometimes get away with that too) continuously keeps storylines alive that go all the way back to the beginning, and alive enough in the viewers head that they pretty much instantly know what they mean by a momentary flash-back to a specific scene, or a quote. Now, plenty of shows *try* to do this, but it generally seems forced and weird, and like 'oh, let's bring back that storyline because we could totally use it' and then they've forgotten again in the next ep.

Which is why the end of 4x14 bothers me. Too easy. (Hopefully they'll deal with it in upcoming eps, though, I still haven't finished the season, so.)

And then on the side, the issue I have with the DVDs is the fact that they *keep giving away bloody spoilers in the commentary*!!! I mean, I guess it's not unreasonable to assume that *most* people have seen the entire show, but gah! I love commentaries. It's my favourite special feature (after bloopers...) and I love to sit down with the commentary immediately after I've seen an episode. And at least twice they've given away *really specific plot-points* in the commentaries. Spoilers for two major season 3 storylines under here. ) And I know, I know, I firmly believe that once something has aired, staying spoiler free is not something you can expect. But seriously guys, on the damn *commentary*.

Did I mention that I really really love Aeryn?
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Just a round-up of the other 3 little ficlets I wrote for the Green Beer & Kisses: The [Totally Not] Annual [livejournal.com profile] femslash_today Porn Battle., but short enough that they're posted over there in the comments. I just like to have everything here as well. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sakuracorr for beta!

All of them rated MATURE/EXPLICIT.


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