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Title: New
Author: Fallon Ash
Fandom: Army Wives
Pairing: Denise/Claudia Joy, friendship/pre-slash
Disclaimer: They belong to Lifetime, and Katherine Fugate, and other people that I am not one of.
Rating: G
Word Count: 810
Summary: New base, new state, new neighbors.
Author's Note: Written because [livejournal.com profile] mylittleredgirl asked me to way back here. Now, the internets have been less than helpful in providing character backgrounds, and I don't remember exactly what they've said. So if this is completely against canon details, let's call it AU and get on with it. And I know there's no Army base in South Dakota, but I figured that if they can make up one for the show, I can make up one for my fic.


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Because weather is important. The mushrooms that popped out of earth two weeks ago haven't grown an inch since, because we've had absolutely no rain whatsoever. And I kinda like mushroom stew. So therefore it is important to mention that we've had two big-ass thunderstorms today. Woohoo!! And the best thing is that it's still not cold outside so I can have my window wide open and listen to it... mmmm.... me like.

Army Wives 1x10 - brief rant with brief spoilers )
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...Because my phone only allows so long posts.

spoilers through 1x07, and for my upcoming fic. )
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It's here, and it's mine, and ooooooh, it's so pretty. It comes in what is supposed to look like an evidence box, complete with shiny pictures and quotes on, and inside, neatly lined up are all 9 seasons of the second best TV show there ever was, The X-Files. However, can someone tell me what makes Season 2 so scary it's only recommended from 18 and up, whereas all the other seasons are 15? Sure, Season 2 is scary, but not more so than the others...

I first heard about Army Wives on Sarah Warn & Lori's "She made me watch this!" vlog, which, btw, is one of my oh-so-guilty pleasures this summer. I've never seen more than half the shows they're talking about, but they're adorable, and funny, and it keeps me up-to-date. Well, that isn't true at all, I've know the show existed back since forever when AXIP started covering that Katherine Fugate (of Xena-fame) had a new tv-show in the works, but knowing there is a show by the name of "Army Wives", and hearing what it's like and that people like Kim Delaney (*swoon*), and Catherine Bell (*more swooning*) are on it are slightly different. And then when [livejournal.com profile] mylittleredgirl started writing femslash (of all things!) for it, I realized I should probably be watching it. Which I've proceeded to do, and am almost caught up. And of course it's lovely. Like lots of people have been saying, there is hugging, and hand-holding, and *gazing lovingly into each other's eyes*, for frick's sake, and then *longing gazes* following the loving gazes... my gawd. Claudia Joy is so totally in love with Denise. (and I'm making a very very concious effort here not to refer to them as Kim and Cathering, but dang, it's hard. I've seen too much of them elsewhere, and too little of them here) And they're so pretty. So damn pretty. So very very pretty.

I really have no point with the Army Wives stuff, other than 'damn, I'm not sure I'm ready for this yet, after the whole Desperate Housewives fiasco'. And I used to love Weeds but then I just accumulating episodes somewhere mid-third-season and never watching them. Which makes me sad. My problem is that I adore the ladies of these shows, but in the end my dislike for drama wins out, and I get to the disturbing point where I love the actresses and the characters but I hate the show. Katherine Fugate, you did a great job on Xena, please don't let me down with this show.

I can't stand the drama! I already have to watch the bloody L Word, but at least I've got recaps to warn me of what's gonna happen.

Colonel Holden sucks. - 1x03 spoiler )

But the hugging! The crying! The experimenting (good grief, did Claudia Joy just say that she had sex with lots of women in college??? Mmmmmm....)! The crying! The hugging! The *subtext*! Damn. I hate it when everyone else calls the pairing before I've had a chance to make up my mind (I totally wasn't into Bree/Lynette, but everyone else decided that was the femslash pairing of choice), but Claudia Joy/Denise is just sending all my little femslashpotential gauges off the charts. Eeeeeee!!!!!! More fic, [livejournal.com profile] mylittleredgirl, more!!!

Anyway. I have a new tea. It's Twinings Voyage - Brazilian BaĆ­a and it's so so good. It's flavoured with cocoa beans, vanilla, and coconut, and I drink it with cream and sugar and it tastes like a dessert. I'm just waiting for a hot day so I'll have a reason to drink it iced with rum. Mmmmmm......
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