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Title: Sleepless
Author: [livejournal.com profile] fallon_ash
Fandom: Warehouse 13
Characters: Emily Lake
Pairing: None
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1000
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Spoilers: 3x11 - Emily Lake
Summary: A study in Emily Lake. Assumes AU after certain events of the episode, self-explanatory.


When Emily Lake goes to bed that night she can't fall asleep. She's bone tired, her body is aching, and her eyes dry and stinging, but she can't seem to shut her mind up. It flashes back and forth from the moment the strange woman showed up in her classroom, haphazardly jumping though the chaotic events of the day, being driven home in the dark, the man Steve dragging her away, strange people swarming all over the warehouse after they stormed it, physical exams and interrogations, the anger on Walter Sykes's face scaring her more than anything as Marcus told him something about a coin being destroyed, Agent Lattimer bursting into her classroom pointing a gun at her, Marcus smiling as he talked about hurting her, to finally being told she'd be better off forgetting this day ever happened. Right. Like anyone is ever likely to forget being kidnapped, fought over, tortured, and rescued by the strangest group of agents she's ever imagined, and besides, she's forgotten enough of her life as it is.

She considers this for a moment, reflects on how they kept referring to her as HG or Helena, and Agent Bering's face flashes through her mind. The way the woman kept looking at her as if she knew her, how she seemed to be holding back tears when she'd left. Agent Bering had squeezed her hand, told her to be happy.

It's strange, how she feels more connected to Agent Myka Bering after one day than she does to the family whose pictures hang on her walls and who she has supposedly spent her entire life with. Perhaps it's all the 'saving your life' business, she's heard that that's supposed to be do strange things to you.

She wonders about this Helena, Helena "HG" Wells, what a wonderful ironic name, and she's been thinking about getting Dickens a little kitty sister or brother anyway, and wouldn't that be a wonderful tribute to her favorite author in such a subversive manner? Who could this woman be who looked so much like her that everyone and their damn uncle kept confusing them, and who is clearly a terribly important and/or dangerous person. She hopes they find her, everyone seemed so terribly upset and compelled to...

She turns over, and Dickens purrs in annoyance that she won't let him sleep in peace tonight.

Sleeping isn't in the cards for her tonight, though, and her thoughts go back to the Secret Service agents who tried to protect her, who seemed so worried, the fear on their faces as they stormed the warehouse, how they fought so hard to save her, how they grieved when they found Steve.

She never got to know Steve. When Marcus killed him – and his lifeless eyes will stay with her for as long as she lives (or until her next amnesia-causing accident, the little voice in her head adds grimly) – she'd assumed he was one of the bad guys but apparently not. Maybe that's why she doesn't sleep tonight, because if she does she knows she'll have nightmares.

And then the long long evening that followed, that her mind has mostly skipped over in favor of the more dramatic parts of the day. Check-ups and questions and strange looks and aborted conversations when she came too close. At least Dr. Calder had been kind and caring, and Agent Bering had never been far away, though never speaking to her directly until she was finally allowed to leave and Bering had insisted on taking her home personally, prompting Agent Lattimer to come as well.

Still, they both had refused to answer any of Emily's questions, claiming Emily was safer and better off not knowing. Emily had her own opinions about that, thank you very much, although she can't exactly deny being scared senseless by the whole experience.

Agent Bering had walked her up to her apartment, checked it for... whatever it was that was the danger they wouldn't tell her about, then made sure the plywood was securely fastened where her living room window used to be. After that she'd shone her light into every nook and cranny while asking questions about seemingly arbitrary objects scattered around Emily's apartment.

When Agent Bering was finally satisfied she had still seemed reluctant to leave, and squeezed Emily's hand for a moment too long, and then hesitated before grabbing a post-it pad off the dresser, quickly scribbled a number on it.

"I'm not supposed to do this. You're not supposed to ever have any contact with us again, but just in case... if you ever feel threatened, if something... strange happens, anything at all that seems wrong... call me, and I'll come."

Emily remembers nodding dumbly as she met Bering's eyes that seemed to be telling a story completely different from what Emily was experiencing, and then Agent Bering had whispered "be happy" and left abruptly.

Emily lifts her head to look at the note, affixed to her nightstand next to her phone, their outlines barely visible in the dark. The faintly glowing hands of her alarm clock read just past quarter to four. Her alarm goes off in little over 2 hours. She could call in a personal day tomorrow, goodness knows she could probably use one and if a day like today doesn't warrant one, nothing does, but she loves her job. She can function on little to no sleep, she'll be fine. Her seniors in the morning are reading "Macbeth" and may or may not wish to re-enact the witches' scenes, and the AP Lit class after lunch are continuing the discussions they started today, on "So Long a Letter" and it's an important discussion that she wants to be a part of, and then the Science Fiction Club is meeting after school.

She rolls over, causing Dickens to protest again, lets her thoughts turn to tomorrow's lesson plans instead, softly stroking Dickens's soft ears as the cat goes back to sleep again.


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posted by [identity profile] mrswoman.livejournal.com at 09:19pm on 06/10/2011
Oh, I like that :)

Thank you for a lovely unusual take on the post-finale fic... loved it!
posted by [identity profile] fallon-ash.livejournal.com at 08:19pm on 08/10/2011
Thank you, so glad you liked it! :) I just couldn't get poor Emily out of my head, I wish we'd gotten to know her more...
posted by [identity profile] tarebear23.livejournal.com at 09:26pm on 06/10/2011
Please continue with this universe. I am liking it so far. Myka/Helena will forever be my OTP, but Emily Lake does intrigue me.
posted by [identity profile] fallon-ash.livejournal.com at 08:20pm on 08/10/2011
I'm glad you like it, thank you. :) Myka/HG is my OTP as well, but there's a part of me that really wants to write angsty Myka/Emily after the coin is destroyed... I hope my muse indulges me!
posted by [identity profile] goldenbrown09.livejournal.com at 09:31pm on 06/10/2011
More please! :D
posted by [identity profile] fallon-ash.livejournal.com at 08:21pm on 08/10/2011
Thanks! I have forwarded the request to my muse, I hope she indulges me. :)
posted by [identity profile] missm1897please.livejournal.com at 09:56pm on 09/10/2011
Love the two new urserpics. Who's the first one?
posted by [identity profile] fallon-ash.livejournal.com at 10:20pm on 09/10/2011
This one? It's Helen Magnus, the BAMF of Sanctuary, kicking ass and taking names since 1850, head!canon ex-lover of HG back in Victorian England, and all-around awesome scary lady, played by the stunning and expressive Amanda Tapping, previously Sam Carter on SG-1.

Glad you like the icons! :)
posted by [identity profile] missm1897please.livejournal.com at 10:22pm on 09/10/2011
Yes of course! Dr. Helen. Silly me! The other one is a modifed version of the pic Jaime tweeted, yeah?
posted by [identity profile] fallon-ash.livejournal.com at 07:27am on 10/10/2011
Indeed. Just cropped it and tweaked the colours a little. :)
posted by [identity profile] missm1897please.livejournal.com at 02:20pm on 10/10/2011
Hehe. *stares at the pretty* Yay for Jaime and her strange tweets (or is that tweetings?)
posted by [identity profile] brooms-bubbles.livejournal.com at 04:42am on 22/11/2011
I'd love to see this continued as a long fic. Maybe Emily can't sleep and finally calls up Myka? It would be awfully cute...
posted by [identity profile] fallon-ash.livejournal.com at 12:48pm on 22/11/2011
Glad you liked the premise! I'm actually working on a longer piece, but Emily is one stubborn lady... I love her, though. :)


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