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I'm..... still too upset about Theodora to be properly baffled (outraged?) at Myka's shirt... I hope she changes before I come back to my senses.

LOVE Myka's take-down of Sally the FBI Lady! Also love Jinksy's little thumbs-up gesture to her... Myka and Jinksy haven't had NEARLY enough interaction this season, and they would totally make such great snark-tastic partners-in-crime for driving Pete nuts.

I LOVE how awesome Myka is. Really really love it. She really acts such a wonderful agent throughout, and I can sort of see the woman underneath who'd step in front of a bullet for the president without second thought. Because we rarely get to see that side, mostly they're just detectives and mortal danger is a hijinksy part of the snagging, rather than an instinctive informed action to sacrifice the self for a higher cause.

And as much as I love Myka using the grappler there's a part of me going 'and if they'd just opened the damn doors and gotten out of the elevator in the first place instead they would have had plenty of time, and also they would still have had the grappler later, which might have been able to help them get out of the buildin'.

Mrs Frederic torturing Sally is... weird. I mean, as much as I can easily believe it of the character if the situation required it, wouldn't there be PLENTY of truth-telling artifacts? Or mind-reading, or brain-whatever? That could give them the info they need, both in a less painful way, and also with a higher degree of accuracy? I have a hard time seeing Mrs F going with the less reliable option, taking morality out of the equation. This makes me even more inclined to believe that Mrs F and Jinksy have something going on. I'll believe he's fired when I see the scene.

I also wonder how much the warehouse controls Mrs F... because she doesn't seem quite herself, and again, I have no problem with the character torturing people to get info, but could the warehouse itself feel threatened and be affecting what Mrs F does?

Ooooh, again with the Myka being all wonderfully badass. *squee!* And I love her having to get up on her tip-toes to yell in the security dude's face, she tends to be among the tallest people on screen most of the time. (Except when she's slouching. Joanne must have a magical spine that lets her regulate her height with like half a head.)

Myka's assertion that she's not a natural-born leader is interesting, though, because Myka is VERY good at taking charge. Is that something from her childhood, something else we don't know about, or her actual opinions of herself? It's a strange one, but maybe she sees the leading as part of her job, and not a part of her personality? Hmm.... this deserves more thinky thoughts.

I love how they all run and leave Myka and Security dude when the stairs are falling, because they all realize they're more important than their body guards. I love how they all show such wonderfully emotionally detached professionalism in this episode, because that's what I so often feel is lacking on shows like these. Then when it's over Myka can have a moment to look upset because she failed to save this guy, but like Cam says to Vala in The Quest pt 2 - the hard part isn't risking your own life, it's watching your friends risk theirs. But much like the Stargate people, they still do it. And really... isn't she more upset that she failed to save him, than that he specifically died?

And yeah, they definitely could have HURRIED a little more when they were doing the ladder thing. COME ON PEOPLE.

"Myka, I'm coming up for you!" is an interesting choice of words, whatwith that Guarding-slash-Regent up there they're supposed to be protecting. Interesting to have Artie be emotionally compromised in such a hazardous situation. (The others seemed to mostly leave it for when they were momentarily in less danger.)

So one does the fire-hose trick by JUMPING over the edge instead of moving carefully??? That makes... NO sense. Wouldn't that make it more likely that one over-balances, or the hose is ripped from one's hands? Sure, it looks cool, but...

Regent Janeway*: "Not exactly the Butch and Sundance moment I was hoping for."
Myka: "More like Thelma and Louise."

You know, Myka, you're not the only one who's seen Thelma and Louise, and I'm pretty sure there's a KISS AT THE END........ just sayin', hmm?

And then there's HUGGING, and that little finger-grabbing move Myka makes... The hugging is fine, the holding is fine, but the finger-grabbing? That's kinda shippy. AND BY KINDA I MEAN TOTALLY.

Nooooo, Sally is dead??? Just when she was starting to grow on me... *pout*

I don't mind the Pete/Myka hugging, actually... it doesn't feel at all shippy to me. Well, maybe a little from Pete's side, but he's always thought Myka was pretty so even if he's not interested in a relationship with her (I really don't think he is) he can still be attracted-ish to her, tho the BFF thing is so much stronger, and from Myka's side I really don't feel any attraction, just that lovely BFF thing. Gosh, I BFF ship them so hard. They need to have long talks and process their feelings (well, Myka's feelings, I care more about her) about HG and Myka's strange attraction to his mom... :P

Also, thinking back it's not that often that Pete has to save Myka from certain prolonged death. He's not used to that. There was the fashion show (that I maintain never happened), and otherwise it's mostly Myka saving Pete... and we're back to the 'it's way harder to let your friends risk their lives than to risk your own'.

OMG that LOOK on Myka's face when she tells Pete that "Actually, she's kinda kick-ass." MYKA IS TOTALLY THINKING ABOUT LADY-LOVIN' PETE'S MOM. Though at this time she is still unaware that it is indeed Pete's mom. On the one hand I'm sad that we didn't get to see Myka's reaction to the revelation, but on the other hand I'm kind of pleased that I get two weeks to think about what I WANT her reaction to be. There was a moment in the building where I thought she had figured it out, but the look on her face when she introduces Pete really doesn't allow for that.

Myka is so proud when she wants to introduce Pete to her... partly she's proud of her partner, but partly she's also proud of her new awesome crush. Dude. SO MANY CONFLICTED EMOTIONS. HG! HG! But but... Janeway? That said, Myka does SO have a thing for the ladies. I'm sure she loved Sam and all, but again with that look on her face when she's talking about Regent Janeway. There needs to be fic here. Conflicting, angsty, sexy fic.... gah. So tricky! But so awesome.

Intriguing points: Was Pete's dad killed by an artifact? How did the warehouse call on BOTH Pete's mom and Pete, and is Pete's sister also involved somehow? Because whatwith Myka having unknown artifacts in her past as we learned last week.......

Sad Claudia is sad. But uhm... yeah. It's very sad, and I care about Claudia, but really, the two people I REALLY care about are Myka and HG. Mostly if this is real I feel for the people who invested in Jinksy. I'll be sad if he's gone (not that I think he is), but not UPSET.

random: I was kinda sad that Diana K Snow turned out to be Adwin Kosan... that is a really awesome lady name that would have worked really well for a really awesome lady regent.

random2: Ooooh, Claudia and Myka on a case next week! Awesome!

random3: What's with Myka and the movie references? Die Hard and Thelma & Louise? I thought she was a book nerd who'd barely ever heard of Superman.

random4: Wheelchair dude = Valda? Has anyone called that one yet?

*totally stole that off of someone on tumblr
shrink me:: 'sleepy' sleepy


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