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So Myka with the voice over and the insecurities in Trials was beautiful and lovely, and then she was adorkable with the blonde hair in Love Sick (although I am quite disappointed in her for not owning up to having acted like an ass while under the influence of an artifact at the end when they de-bronzed Jinksy), and she was amazingly kick-ass in Queen for a Day when she took on all those marines by herself, and I've really really loved the season so far, but then LAST NIGHT HAPPENED!!!

Gah! There's a first time for everything, and 3... 2... 1 marks the first time Warehouse 13 has made me fucking cry. GODDAMMIT AWESOME SHOW. First Claudia has to go all sad-face and miss HG, and Artie has to be all understanding, THEN we have to cut to HG being all HAPPY and SMILING and HOPEFUL and THE FUTURE IS GONNA BE A WONDROUS PLACE, and and and HG being all sad and bronzed and then MYKA AND HG MAKING SO MUCH EYES AT EACH OTHER AND THE SADNESS AND THE TALKING AND THE ALLCAPS AND AND AND and *tears* happened.

A few quick episode points:

I freakin' LOVE how HG is calling Claudia darling about 5 seconds after she's arrived, despite not really retaining that right these days... but Claude doesn't mind!

Also, Claudia wearing her NOH8 button in that scene as Myka and HG are making eyes at each other over her head.

Claudia's toss-away line about being "surprised we never met" when talking about that guy who was in and out of institutions.

And I love how sad HG looks when she tells Pete that "You do know that I can hear you?"

I love HG's disappointment when Woolly wonders who on Earth would think to invent a rocket. (For some reason she reminds me a whole lot of Julie Andrews in that scene. Why?)

Also love HG's relationship with her attention-hogging annoyance of a brother. Now I totally understand that twist of her lip when she tossed his picture on the couch in Time Will Tell.

"I should never have let that glint of madness appeal to me, never fails to become a lover's least attractive trait." History repeating itself, eh, HG??? (Seriously, all this stuff they give her in the past, knowing full well the future... it's amazing how awesome the people on this show are.)

So they get big frickin' points for emotional continuity and character arcs, but uhm.... didn't Christina die in 1899?? And didn't Rebecca's Jack die in '62? Uhm. And didn't Rebecca say at some point that they got a certain number of years together. I can't remember, I'll have to look it up.

(edited to add:
I've been thinking a bit, and I have to say, as much as continuity errors bug me, I think I prefer this new time-line for Christina. HG had a line in Vendetta: "For years I combed the shelves of Warehouse 12..." and I feel that characterization-wise it makes so much more sense that it would be 8-10 years between Christina's death and HG's bronzing as opposed to the 1 or 2 years the previous time-line gave us. That really gives her a chance to slowly thoroughly lose the hope she clings to, disappointment after disappointment, descending into obsessive madness while still displaying outward lucidity, until a last complete lack of hope for mankind, with the bronzer being the only thing left to her - that lets me have a much easier time seeing how she'd chose the bronzer, and also why she'd be so thoroughly disappointed in the present as to stage the events of season 2. It makes a lot more sense to me than a quick year-long or so rush all around and then wham bam bronze her.

I also find it interesting that HG would then have been significantly younger when she had Christina than previous time-lines. Youthful misadventure with a servant boy that the family could get away with because they had money and the boy was undesirable to them so they had him shipped off somewhere because it was unthinkable to them to have her marry him, and HG being headstrong enough that she forced them into letting her keep the child?

I really love how mature Claudia has been this season. She really really stepped up when Myka left, and there's no reason for her to step down. I love how her relationship with Artie is so comfortable. She knows he's not gonna yell at her when she asks if it's OK to miss HG, but it's their way of communicating that she realizes he's not gonna be happy about it either. There's definitely a new more solemn core to her, and a new security in that she knows she's gonna get to stay there. I love it.

Pete has also shown new depths of maturity. He handled his ex-wife admirably last week but at the end when he gets over himself and gets HG to help. I realize it can't all be about Myka and HG, and for the sake of the show I really like that it came from Pete (although my shipper heart wants nothing but Myka and HG all the time!!).

However, really? Is Pete THAT insecure? He's yelling at HG all over the place, and it's because he's afraid to lose Myka again? Really? I mean, he has a bit of a valid point about her being a volcano-causing super-villain. She is one! But no, he's all insecure and scared because HG got his partner-sister to leave last time, and so he's pissed off now? It doesn't make as much sense, TBH.

And also, what's with everyone being totally OK with Myka having come back BECAUSE SHE TALKED TO HG. I would expect at least a little bit of resentment there. Mrs Frederic tried, and Artie tried, and Pete tried, but HG was the one who succeeded??

I.... I can't even begin to talk about how much I loved Myka and HG in this episode. It really really was HG's episode, and she was frickin' brilliant in it. She's torn between feeling guilty and what I imagine is kind of her own cheeky personality where she can't really help herself. It's interesting how she apparently slept her way through London after Christina died and really showed no outward signs of what I imagine must have been a very trouble inside. She represses and represses and represses and goes on and then everything just falls apart and she's too brilliant for it not to have effect.

And poor Myka. Myka was uncharacteristically subdued throughout the episode, like she's walking on egg-shells. She misses HG and she needs HG and as much as she loves Pete and Claudia and Artie and Leena and even likes Jinksy, there's just something about her that gets an entirely different depth when HG is around. Can I be cheesy enough to say that HG completes her? Maybe even more than Myka completes HG. I definitely think HG would need Myka desperately in order to stay grounded in the present and the way they look at each other all emo-ish like 'NO ONE WILL EVER UNDERSTAND ME EXCEPT YOU!' and and and... goddammit ship, why are you so awesome?!?!?!?

She show does seem to ship Pete/Myka a little these days, which I'm not all that comfortable with. Myka was awfully cheerful right after she put HG back in her orb... I think I need to write fic where they have heart-to-hearts and establish how much Myka loves HG.

Anyway. GAH. Can't wait for HG to be back again. Seriously. And they REALLY NEED to make that spin-off show. And it needs to feature more women for HG to flirt with. A canonically bisexual single-lead female character? How incredibly awesome!! Although the pessimist in me is quite certain they'll forget they actually said that awfully quick if the spin-off actually does happen. I don't see it as a big problem yet that most of her name-drops are male, though (and she did flirt with that groupie of her brother's). I mean, for one, how easy was it to pick up women in 1890s London? And also, how open would she be about it with her co-workers? Because all the name-dropping happened in the presence of her newbie partner, and maybe that's not necessarily something that is casually mentioned in 1890s London? I don't know...... but I shan't give up hope!

This got way longer than I'd thought. Now I need to make ep-icons.
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posted by [identity profile] thedevilsheart.livejournal.com at 09:15pm on 09/08/2011
RE: Pete, I took it as him being an over-protective older brother yelling at his sister's ex, because she broke her heart and he's... Pete. He protects Myka, etc etc.
posted by [identity profile] fallon-ash.livejournal.com at 09:41pm on 09/08/2011
Oooh. I like that. And Myka telling him that "I came back." is about her telling him that she's ok, rather than her reassuring him that she's back so he won't have to be so insecure? Hmm... it's a little bit of a stretch for me, but I like it way more than the alternative. Thanks! :D
posted by [identity profile] rtms.livejournal.com at 07:23pm on 14/08/2011
Pete's anger stemmed from the second episode, when we found out he has major abandonment issues due to his dad dying when he was young. HG made Myka abandon him last season and he couldn't get her back for months. He was projecting his abandonment issue he had with Myka onto HG. That's why Myka told him she was here and was yet again sorry for leaving him. He was just scared about the influence HG has on Myka. Which makes the ending a bit more understanding. Myka seem to confirm to Pete that she choose the Warehouse and Pete, not HG, hence the goodbye and the joking right after wards. Pete and Myka were cool and happy together again, no third party like last year.

Which of course to me seemed like a screw you to the HG/Myka fans from the producers.Looking at it from a hetro view, this show was anvil ling the Pete and Myka should be together angle and sending any HG/Myka fans down the drain. It's like the producers are saying 'we have our token gay guy now, we don't need a lesbian couple so shut the hell up, there's nothing to see here' to the fans of the couple.
posted by [identity profile] fallon-ash.livejournal.com at 10:56pm on 14/08/2011
Yeah, the ending of the ep really didn't sit right with me... I try to think of it as Myka being pleased that Pete isn't crazy pissed off at HG any longer. I BFFship Pete/Myka a whole lot so I try to think of the ending as enabling Myka to open up to Pete and they can have long discussions about her deep and all-consuming love for HG...

(that said, I totally see your point too, and it makes me sad)
posted by [identity profile] thedevilsheart.livejournal.com at 02:43am on 15/08/2011
Yikes, I wanna bury my head in the sand from that.

(Although yes, on the producers. That I definitely believe)


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