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Warehouse 13 - 3x01 - The New Guy

So if someone had told me back in April that the only, and I do mean ONLY thing I had to worry about with the season premiere was Myka's hair, I don't think you guys realize how much ANGST that would have spared me. Seriously! The season premiere has been running on repeat here since Monday, and GAH! It's so awesome! It's so full of *SQUEE!!* It makes me so happy!! It's been a long looooong time since something made me this crazy happy.

Mopey Pete: ADORABLE. The only continuity thing here (and it took me like, quite a while before this occurred to me - I'm sorry, Pete, it's just... I care about Myka more) is that when Pete is all straight and narrow and covers the cold thankful girl with the awesome rack with his jacket, both Artie and Claudia take for granted that it's because Myka is gone. Has everyone forgotten that the girlfriend he had, whom he loved, whom he was gonna share the secrets of the Warehouse with, just up and left him not long ago? Which might also distract him from hitting on random hot ladies he rescues from burning phone booths. Poor Kelly.

Other than that, the continuity was awesome! So many little beats that made me so happy! I saw someone online complaining about how unrealistic it was to have Myka suddenly working in a book store instead, and realized that save for the sign on the door (only seen backwards) there is never any explanation as to what Myka is doing in the bookstore, which is the way it should be? And when he calls her Ophelia they never explain that either, if one doesn't remember that it's her middle name maybe one just assumes that it's because she's a Shakespeare expert. I she really really loves books. I love that about her. That beat before Mrs Frederic shows up at the end? When she's flipping through the book without knowing she's being watched, and there's a little smile on her face. She really loves books.

I LOVE Myka's interaction with Jinks. Really really love it. The way they have never met each other and yet immediately bond over their exasperation with Pete. I foresee many many shared 'raised-eyebrow-looks'. But the affection between Pete and Myka is so there. My goddess, I love my show. Pete's passive-aggressive behaviour toward her, how Myka can't help herself but get involved because she loves puzzles, how Pete is really happy to see how, but she is too freaked out still by everything. Myka Myka Myka Myka!!!

I do have a conundrum about Jinksy (which is an awesome nickname, btw. Or should it be spelled Jinksey? Jinxy would be my choice but that makes no sense as he spells his name Jinks). So he can tell when people are lying. But does that apply to the truth AS THEY SEE IT? Or the truth AS IS? Because just because someone thinks they're telling the truth that doesn't mean it is the truth. Not even close. So hoping for an explanation of that one... but I'm gonna go with assuming he can tell when someone THINKS they're telling the truth, considering it has to do with looking into their eyes and everything. That said, it's then interesting how he buys their artifact story instead of thinking they're crazy, but whatever?

Which brings me, finally, to MYKA AND HG'S REUNION!!!! Mrs Frederic totally ships them. Seriously. It's like everything I could ask for. (I mean, next to them falling into each other's arms and making out.) I love how Artie says that "I have tried, Mrs Frederic has tried" to get Myka back, but they haven't succeeded, and then "all" it takes is a conversation with HG. And what a conversation it is (I mean, it's nothing huge and fancy, but that's exactly it, it's just a conversation). I love how Mrs Frederic's reassurance is 'she can't hurt you, Myka', like she realizes Myka isn't necessarily worried about the physical fate of the world, but rather her own emotional well-being - even if I'm not sure Myka knows that herself. And then all it takes is a little bit of conversation to see that the friendship is still there... Myka tries desperately not to look at her, but then once she does her eyes go all soft and mushy and *swoooooon*. And HG says 'we became friends because we're alike in many ways', and Myka never denies that either (she just brings up the destroying of the world thing, which, fair enough), and then MYKA CAN'T HELP BUT SMILE when HG is all 'wish I'd thought of [that consciousness projection thing]', because the friendship (and more?) is still there. THERE ARE NO WORDS FOR HOW AWESOME THIS IS!!! And Myka's shocked realization that HG came to talk her into going back because HG is more sad about that than the destroying of the world thing.

The scene gives off a little bit of a strange vibe, though. Which works, it works a lot, considering HG isn't actually in the room. But once they cut back to Mrs Frederic I had a moment where I wondered if J&J were ever in the same room when they shot this. I mean, they play off each other just beautifully, but the way it's shot is just... weird. I mean, obviously the hand-through-the-boob thing is some sort of effect, and there at least 2 obviously different versions of HG's hair and shirt... but whatever. It's all about their eyes anyway.

Speaking of the boob. OMG! So Myka suspects HG isn't real, so she reaches out..... for HG's boob. And it's a weird grab/swipe thing she does. Like, what if HG was actually there? And Myka would have ended up punching HG in the breast. Which would have been kinda awesome, but weird. :P

So then what I wonder is: Does the rest of the team know that it was HG who talked Myka into coming back, or do they just think it was working with them again and possibly Mrs Frederic?

Also, Claudia seems so grown up! All responsible and stuff. She really seems to have stepped up when Myka left and now when Myka is back, their dynamic has the potential to be different, more equal. I like it.

One last thing, was it just me, or was everyone's delivery a little more staccato than usual? A little more choppy, and little more all over the place with the pitch? It worked fine with the rhythm and for the characters or whatever, but I just noticed that it was a little different... the only one who missed an occasional beat with his delivery was the New Guy, but I'm gonna chalk that up to him being, you know, the New Guy. Now that Myka is back, I'm more than happy to like him lots!

However, favourite line of the ep goes to Artie: "Good, let's get out of here, these plants are making me nervous, and that one? Is staring at me!" Poor banana plant.

eta: So I looked over the post and realized I'd written the entire thing without once mentioning the case at all... but that's a good ep, yes? A case that's exciting enough (because if the case was dumb, I would most certainly have complained) that you can focus on the characters being in cool situations, but it's still mostly about the characters. Still, the one complaint I had about the case was this: Now I realize the whole deal was that Myka would get to show off her Shakespeare knowledge, but seriously, she was right up there! Why couldn't she just have snagged the damn folders *before* they touched the pictures inside... but of course, then she wouldn't have gotten to show off her awesome nerdiness by saving their lives... Anyway. All good.

eta2: Mr. McClintock's twitpics say Myka's hair is gonna stay like that. If that's the worst thing that happens this season, I'LL TAKE IT. And dudes, coming from ME considering the worship kind of relationship I have with Myka's hair? That means a lot. :P

I can't wait for tomorrow night!!!
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