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posted by [personal profile] fallon_ash at 11:31am on 20/05/2011 under ,
Really, it's mild-ish I think (?), but under a cut for safety.

Myka Myka Myka Myka Myka Myka Myka Myka Myka Myka Myka Myka Myka Myka!!!!!!!!!!!!

image from SpoilerTV

Now, Syfy, don't think you're off the hook... I remeber Ashley. She was all up in the first episodes and then you killed her for good in ep 3, just when we thought she was back for the season. So this doesn't mean I trust you yet. However, you gave me a picture of Myka, so I'm happy, for a little while.

Also, I have THINGS TO SAY about the hair (OMG MYKA'S BEAUTIFUL HAIR!!!) and the glasses, but in a show of maturity I'm choosing to focus on my happiness on the fact that it's A PICTURE OF MYKA FROM SEASON 3!!!!!

Seriously, this has SUCH POTENTIAL, whatwith HG coming back as well!!!!! Gah. PLEASE don't ruin my summer for me, show.
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posted by [identity profile] katiepult.livejournal.com at 11:02am on 20/05/2011
well based on this pic, Myka obviously has gone home to her father's bookstore (he had a bookstore I believe... or just a huge love of books, so she opened her own shop maybe?). I gotta say tho... Myka's wearing plaid and looking very *cough* stereotypically dyke-like.

edit: Oh and about the prequel Warehouse series. I'm somewhat ambivalent. On one hand we have HG Wells/Jamie in the 19th centure! YAY!!! On the other hand, we wouldn't have Myka. BOOOO!
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posted by [identity profile] fallon-ash.livejournal.com at 11:11am on 20/05/2011
I agree with your assessment, I think Myka went back home to the bookstore and is hanging out... I like Pete's face, all *WTF are you doing?* And in that picture of HG from the promo, it looks like *she's somewhere with books too!*.

And I agree with you on the plaid too!! Quite dyke-y! And the glasses are nice and nerd-y. I just have a thing for curls... :P (And that saddens me, because does this mean Myka's hair isn't naturally curly (the way Joanne's is), because that SO doesn't fit with my character analysis, that she would spend the time *curling her hair* all the time. Ick.)

Re: the spin-off, I comfort myself with the INSANE amount of Helen Magnus crossover that will be possible with HG back in the 19th century. And there's always time travel, y/y? (But I agree. Myka!!!)
posted by [identity profile] katiepult.livejournal.com at 11:20am on 20/05/2011
Well, her hair is pulled back and I can't really see the back half of her hair so I'll reserve judgement. :P But maybe the Myka we knew had a perm and it's now grown out? Had it chemically straightened perhaps so she could "start fresh" and not have to deal with it. By the look of her Myka isn't really taking all that good care of herself. LOVELORN! hehe

As for HG/Magnus Crossover, I hadn't even thought about that! Dense moment! But still... Myka! /sniffle
posted by [identity profile] fallon-ash.livejournal.com at 09:51pm on 20/05/2011
The ends look decidedly straightened to me... over at the discussion about HG's return the general consensus was that the person HG was talking to in the promo wasn't Myka because HER HAIR WAS TOO STRAIGHT!!! But now that could totally be Myka. What if the Warehouse sends HG after Myka to bring her back. TOO MANY EXPECTATIONS! There is no way I won't be let down... but I love the feeling of expectations, too. :D

I've read a few HG/Magnus pieces, I didn't come up with it myself. But it's gotta be one of the most brilliant crossover ideas ever. They're perfect for each other!
posted by [identity profile] sakuracorr.livejournal.com at 12:26pm on 20/05/2011
I have to say, having Glee constantly stuff unbearable trash down my throat does make me feel like ALMOST no matter what, W13 can't disappoint! :P

ALSO like, just seeing them again! Yay yay yay! As long as one of them doesn't die, I'm happy (If one of them dies, all bets are off, TPTB, DO YOU UNDERSTAND???).
posted by [identity profile] fallon-ash.livejournal.com at 10:03pm on 20/05/2011
Awww... unbearable trash sucks. I feel like, at this point my expectations are so through the roof I can't possibly be anything but disappointed. And yet, as long as Myka stays on the show, and HG comes back at all in a reasonably well-explained manner, I will still be really REALLY happy!!! Gosh, I can't wait.

(Also, the last thing before I signed offline before leaving today was ordering a tank top with rainbow glitter words "FRELL ME SIDEWAYS". This also pleases me. :) )
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