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posted by [personal profile] fallon_ash at 01:42am on 22/11/2010 under , , ,
Ok. That time again. New obsession post. At first I sort of held back a little because, you know, it wasn't really an obsession, it was just that I kinda liked them, and it was really just the one show, and... suddenly I found myself watching obscure episodes of shows I don't actually like for split-second glimpses of them when they were young(er) and being too busy tracking down 10-year-old articles to update LJ. You know how it goes.

Joanne Kelly. Jaime Murray. Joanne has these dark brown thick *curls* and really cool blue/gray/brown eyes and shoots rifles and watches nothing but sports (preferably hockey) on TV and *swoon*. (The sport-watching is not something I would ever do, but is a trait I approve of in a lady actress.) Jaime (yes, it's spelled like that because she's named for the Bionic Woman. The BIONIC WOMAN.) has long thick black hair and amazing dark eyes and an awesome British accent and a bit of a vicious sense of twitter-humor and *swoon*. It was mostly their hair that made me fall for them, though. Long. Dark. Glorious. On any given day I'll be a little bit more into one than the other, and it switches at the drop of a hat. They're both born in the late 70s, which makes them 10 years younger than my usual crushes (but gives me hope that one day I will fall for someone my own age in RL).

To make everything even better, they're on Warehouse 13 together, with subtext like I haven't seen since Xena. (I had the W13 vs. R&I discussion a way back.) They play characters who are really really cool, and who pass that Bechdel test as well. Now, as for HG's investment in Myka, I will admit to selective interpretation - BUT, selective interpretation means it's *there* and it's not the way it usually is where you have to wear slash goggles and man-blinders in order to conjure up the remote possibility that the women are even aware of each other.

Other things they've done include Jaime's fantastic show Hustle which is objectively brilliant in all kinds of ways. Joanne has done the Jack Hunter miniseries, which *I* like, because it has gorgeous vistas and cool artifacts and reminds me of Relic Hunter, and she also played an insanely sexy vampire on The Dresden Files and the most adorable little actress on Slings and Arrows. And Most Awesome of All Things Awesome - Jaime will play Lucy Lawless's bosom buddy on the upcoming season of Spartacus, which is a fandom-collision that's up there with Lucy on The X-Files and Marlee on The L Word.

Today is a Myka day. I just watched 1x09 - Regrets and so much angsty!Myka and so many pretty closeups and and and... MYKA!

Friday was a Jaime day. (Yesterday never happened.) Jaime had these... interesting moments in some of the Hustle interviews where I have to admit that while she is a fantastic actress, I was worried that her personality wouldn't quite meet my high expectations of awesomeness (I've had a good trend lately, Christina with the sarcasm, Amanda with the hilarious, Chely with the gay and articulate, and Joanne has proven her dorky awesomeness in interviews with Eddie: "This dude is gonna lose his mind and kill us all!"); case in point, a lot of moments LIKE THIS, Adrian making some intricate character point, Jaime in the background absentmindedly chewing on a thumbnail and staring off into the sky... But then on Friday Julie Benz signed Jaime up for twitter which gave us all these fantastic awesome slightly vicious 140-character banter. *SWOON*

@MsJaimeMurray I saw @juliebenz tweet about you and thought "No way is she on twitter, it's not really her..." is it really you?

@MarkGantt Well I thought it was the most cost affective & time efficient way of stalking you. I don't like going through your rubbish.


#FF @EddieMcClintock because he put up with @MsJaimeMurray while filming Warehouse 13

@juliebenz Enough! I'm seriously coming around to your house in my spandex wrestling costume with my knuckle duster. I will crush you.

kinda hot! RT @MsJaimeMurray Enough! I'm seriously coming around to your house in my spandex wrestling costume with my knuckle duster.

@juliebenz Don't pretend you're not scared. I'm stronger than I look. I have moves.

[various insulting of feet and their size in proportion to... yadda yadda]

@juliebenz I've been told (by my mum) that I have very pretty feet. I'm sorry yours were bound as a child (by your mum)

[someone mentions fundraising for PTSD - ped traumatic stress syndrome, Jaime says she's better at math than Julie]

@MsJaimeMurray you should definitely get more of the money since your feet are twice the size of mine--- shoe buying must be very difficult.

@juliebenz This is some repressed way of flirting with me, isn't it? Stop pulling my pigtails. It's normal, it's natural. Don't fight it.

@MsJaimeMurray oh honey... If you need to think that than ok...

@juliebenz It's OKAY. I love you too! Kissy, kissy *♥♥*•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*¸.•*¨♥♥* Mwah!

Seriously? So much awesomeness in so few characters!!!!!

In case you didn't bother to click that picture link above, here's Jaime looking wonderfully absent-minded...

Joanne looking stunningly glamorous in a *fans self must remember to breathe* way... and then not so much. This is why I love her.

Jaime being gorgeous.

Jaime hugging Lucy Lawless. Excuse my brain while I........ *trails off*

Joanne in her glasses. Glasses. *guh* So hot.

"Agent Wells. Who is also an agent. Under me. Does whatever I say."

Making the exact same face in reaction to Pete being annoying.

"What? I checked! This is what fashionable British archaeologists are wearing nowadays!"
"No, that is what American filmmakers *think* fashionable British archaeologists are wearing nowadays."
"Oh, really? Well, it is ever so comfy!"

Joanne and Eddie being hilarious! How can you not love her?!?

And I can't resist, the 'behind the scenes' piece for Spartacus that includes above moment with Jaime and Lucy Lawless... *swoon*
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posted by [identity profile] fyca.livejournal.com at 07:57pm on 22/11/2010
Ok ok... I kinda wanna watch this show now. Why do you live so far away? You could have already had me hooked on it.
posted by [identity profile] fallon-ash.livejournal.com at 09:02pm on 22/11/2010
You should be watching this show!!! I've been telling you to watch it! It's awesome! Damn that bloody ocean.
posted by [identity profile] sunkrux.livejournal.com at 08:39pm on 01/12/2010
psst, Joanne's eyes are actually green. :D Have you heard of the comm I run for her? It's a fan comm, no association with her (though she and her agent do know it exists) [livejournal.com profile] joannekelly
posted by [identity profile] fallon-ash.livejournal.com at 09:34pm on 03/12/2010
Ah, I've been seeing green mentioned a lot in the fics, but I wasn't sure. This is the best close-up I have, and it could be the light that makes them look more blue, but there's totally some brown in there too! Looks very cool!

Great comm! Love all the videos!

posted by [identity profile] sunkrux.livejournal.com at 09:50pm on 03/12/2010
I forgot to mention I found your post by using the search function here. :D

I took this pic back in 2009 at San Diego Comic Con,

There is a bit of brown in them but they are most definitely green. Sometimes even more green then either of the pics show. It also depends on the lighting and what color she's wearing.

Glad you like the comm. :D I'm a huge fan of hers...so when there wasn't a comm for her, I started one. First time I've ever done that and kept it up. :D I'm a dork. LOL XD
ext_1771: Joe Flanigan looking A-Dorable. (Wells & Bering - Warehouse13)
posted by [identity profile] monanotlisa.livejournal.com at 07:24pm on 13/09/2013
Lighting and ambient colors have a huge influence on green eyes -- I should know; I see them every day in the mirror (and people think all the time they are blue or grey when they're really not).

In any case, Joanne Kelly: dreamy! ::wanders off to be a creepy fan elsewhere::
posted by [identity profile] sunkrux.livejournal.com at 09:17pm on 13/09/2013
Yes Joanne is. :)


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